August Release

August is the most ferocious time of the year in the garden.  The bugs get bigger, the butterflies more numerous, and the vegetable garden is producing like crazy.  We have had 5 months to watch our gardens grow out of winter and have probably decided what did well, what we need more of, and what plants you wouldn't even share with your enemy!  It is also a great time to start the process of preparing any new garden beds.  Cut off the sod or use a mild herbicide with no residual to kill off any grass or plants growing in the area.  If the soil is poor a good layer of compost added to the top and tilled or forked in can be done now.  If you are one of the fortunate ones with good soil just adding 2-3 inches of compost to the top will suffice.  Then the fun part.  More plants!  There is absolutely no problem planting now as long as you keep up on the water.  Just make sure to leave room for plants in other areas of your garden that you will be dividing this fall.

A tip on watering newly planted perennials in summer.

If you purchase plants now leave them sitting where you will plant them for a few days and monitor how many times a week they need water.  Some may need it every day and others only 2-3 times a week.  For those daily water hogs you can cut the plant back by half.  Either chop the whole thing in have or remove half of the stalks.  Once the plants are put in the ground and watered for a week or two you will be able to slowly back off on the water and be down to 1 time a week soon.

Enjoy the garden!