June Release

It's amazing that only 15 short months ago we jumped head first into online sales.  A short, but giant THANK YOU goes out to each and everyone of you who have supported us in this new, virtual and wild adventure.  Onward and upwards!  This month's release is much smaller than previous ones this year but it packs quite a punch.  There are a few very unusual perennials for the garden and our first release of woody plant material in Root Maker containers.  These new containers promote a vigorous root system and prevent those circling roots that can be devastating years down the road.  Included in the series of pictures is one that shows an example of one of the actual trees that are for sale.  These are small but perfect to incorporate into existing garden beds.  We have people tell us all the time that they don't have shade or enough shade in their garden.  Placing one of these trees into a sun perennial bed will slowly transform that area into a shady oasis after a few years!