September Release

We've made it!  This will be our last monthly release of the year.  We have quite a few things ready or soon to be ready in the nursery.  Some of those will be uploaded here to the online market on September 1st and the rest on September 8th.  Outside of the online market we are gearing up for in person sales this month and next.  We are in the process of bringing lots of new material to our gift shop and Plant Market at Yew Dell for you to take a look at in person.  On September 17th and 18th we will be at the Boone County Arboretum's Fall Plant Sale with a ton of plants to shop from.  Finally, to wrap up the season, our in person Fall Plant Sale will be on October 21st at Yew Dell.  When the sun goes down on the 21st things are going to get really fun.  We are bringing together some of the leading horticulturists and plant geeks in this area to present their favorite and least favorite plant!  It should be a night to remember.  There is zero chance all of these plant people are going to agree on the plants the others are choosing so expect plenty of hoots, hollers, boos, and other heckling from the crowd!!!