Buddleia 'SMNBDB' (Pugster Pinker™  Butterfly Bush)

Buddleia 'SMNBDB' (Pugster Pinker™ Butterfly Bush)

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Another one of the Pugster series from Proven Winners.  Reaching a little over 2 feet tall this plant is compact with dark green leaves and huge pink/lavender/purplish flowers.  Some of you may be thinking, "Isn't butterfly bush invasive?!?!" We have not seen any instance in this area where this is the case. If anything it would fall into the short lived perennial category. Now if you take a look in some of the western states it is a huge problem! It is on the list of banned plants in Oregon. Areas along the east coast are also having trouble with it escaping and having too much success in wild areas. Here in the Louisville area our roller coaster climate gives it too much trouble. If any of you see it being a problem in the area, please let us know. We are always happy to learn and adjust as needed!