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Epimedium Collection

Don't fill up all of your deer inundated shade garden with just Helleborus. Epimediums are just as deer proof, we said it again, and tolerate a wide range of conditions. They will do fine in dry shade although they will flourish if given some water during dry spells. Once established they form large masses of excellent groundcover that are not fussy at all. We will call them borderline semi-evergreen which basically means by December they have given up for the year. Once spring arrives these plants send up some of the most beautiful flowers in the garden. Although low to the ground and small we think you will quickly fall in love with them. The new foliage in the spring comes in an amazing array of colors. The leaves emerge green, yellow, red, pink, purple, and speckled, depending on the species, before fading to a green. It is amazing deer don't eat these things!

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