Welcome to our Online Plant Market

The growing season is nearing an end for 2022 as we get closer and closer to a killing frost in the coming weeks. That doesn't mean the gardening season is almost over. We are entering one of the best times to get new perennials planted in your garden. We just finished up our in-person Fall Plants Sale on October 6th and our Plant Market is still full of perennials looking to find a home this fall.


On Tuesday, October 11th we will upload nearly 200 different plants here in the Online Plant Market. Until then you will see all of the plants that will be available listed as Sold Out. Feel free to browse through them, learn, and get excited about new additions to your garden. If you are just itching to get your hands in the dirt this weekend stop by the gardens and check out what we have for sale in the Plant Market at Yew Dell.

If you have any questions about the upcoming release or curious about other happenings in the nursery at Yew Dell please reach out to us at PlantSales@YewDellGardens.org.

Photographs of plants

We would like to thank Walter's Gardens Inc. and Terra Nova Nurseries for allowing us to use some of their photographs from their websites. Other pictures were taken by Yew Dell staff.