Welcome to our Online Plant Market

We have reached our last online plant release of the Spring. This release included annuals, herbs, trees, shrubs, plus new shade and sun perennials, so make sure to browse the categories in the drop down menus to search through all of the plants. As always you will choose a date to pickup your order at checkout. The next round of pickups will begin on May 11th so we can get past the chance of frost. Many of the new plants released in April have been in a warm greenhouse and will be very tender to the cold. Have spring!

Below you will find the selection of Heuchera that we have available. We are a huge fan of these plants but our heavy clay soils are devastating to them. We want you to give something a try that we have had work great here at Yew Dell. When grown in a planter with a good quality planting mix Heucheras can live for years and years and only need water in the summer and some slow release fertilizer in spring. We have a planter that has had the same Heuchera in it for 10 years!

To view all of our plants in the Online Market click on the "All Plants" tab above or navigate the market more specifically by choosing the drop down menus.

If you have any questions about the upcoming release or curious about other happenings in the nursery at Yew Dell please reach out to us at PlantSales@YewDellGardens.org.

Photographs of plants

We would like to thank Walter's Gardens Inc. and Terra Nova Nurseries for allowing us to use some of their photographs from their websites. Other pictures were taken by Yew Dell staff.