Welcome to our Online Plant Market

We are starting the next biggest trend in E-commerce. Online shopping by appointment only! It is surely to be an idea that will never work. The truth of it is we are busy in the nusery and getting ready for spring. As we do inventory this year we have decided to remove all inventory from the Online Plant Market until our first plant release of the year which will be on Wednesday, February 2nd. Until then we have made visible all of the plants we have sold online since we started doing so in the spring of 2020. Enjoy browsing through the collections and 'window shop' if you will. Going back to the online shopping by appointment only, we weren't totally kidding! If you see a plant here in the market you would like to inquire about please reach out to us. A quick email to plantsales@YewDellGardens.org can let you find out if it is in the nursery and able to be purchased or something that will be available in the spring. If nothing else, we love talking about plants and are happy to answer any questions you may have. Enjoy winter and we will be back on February 2nd to help you scratch that gardening itch!