Super Pollinators

Minus a few plants that are pollinated by the wind, nearly all of the other flowering plants in the world are pollinated by insects, birds, or other critters. That is why most of the time you will hear us say that any plant is a pollinator plant!  It is fun to see bumblebees wiggle their way into a Chelone or Hosta flower.  A Pawpaw tree is pollinated by flies in early spring.  Maple trees are loaded with all sorts of early season pollinators when they begin to bloom in March.  This is the reason we like to give credit to most plants as being an important pollinator plant for insects in the garden. We are going to group some plants into the "Super Pollinator" category though.  These are the ones that will bring a wide range of insects to the garden to feed off of their flowers.  You are sure to discover new insects in your garden if you bring some of these home to add to your growing garden collection!!!