Perennial Grasses

Not many groups of plants add as much texture to a garden as do perennial grasses. From the super short Mondo Grasses to the behemoths that are Switch Grasses there is a grass for any part of the garden. Even in the shade garden you can find the Japanese Forest Grass 'All Gold' standing toe to toe with the best of shade perennials. Next to the Rock House at Yew Dell you will find a mass planting of Blue Grama Grass 'Blonde Ambition' and in the Overlook Garden several different species of grasses are intermingled with the other sun perennials. In mass or mixed in, perennial grasses add awesome texture in any part of the garden.  Some of our Perennial Grass Collection is available now but more will be available at the in person Spring Plant Sale on April 29th and 30th.

Click here for the Sun Perennial Plant List