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Fall Planting


Spring is such a perfect time to buy more plants than you should!  There are new selections, everything is lush, and you have that left over Christmas money burning a hole in your pocket!  So off you go, you buy 27 more plants than you had planned and get the all in the ground that day or over the next 3 weeks depending on how punctual your planting is.  Fantastic, new plants, a green garden, and then the rain disappears from the forecast.  Insert the face palm emoji and drag out the water hoses.  Now we find out how punctual you are on watering!

Let's be honest.  You aren't going to stop buying plants in the Spring and neither am I.  It's in our green gardening blood.  But, if you start buying a lot of your trees and shrubs (you all do buy trees and shrubs in the plural right?) in the fall you have to ask yourself if you are getting a jump start on the upcoming spring!  Philosophical questions aside, planting in the fall is much easier on both you and the plant.  As the plant above ground begins to go dormant and lose all of it's leaves it doesn't need all of that extra water it did in the Spring and Summer.  Below ground the plant is still growing new roots for a bit longer until the ground gets really cold.  It really is a win win.  Evergreen trees and shrubs will still need water in the Fall and Winter until they have their roots established in the surrounding soil.

So there you have it.  Fall is a perfect time to get more plants in the ground and this time you have scientific information to back it up!!



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