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Solidago shortii 'Solar Cascade' (Short's Goldenrod)

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Selected by our good friend Steve Foltz of the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens, this cascading goldenrod is a great summer/fall bloomer to plant above a wall or on a slope. Brilliant yellow flowers and deep green foliage. Full sun and well drained soil.  This species is listed as endangered and only occurs in few locales in North Central KY and one area of Southern Indiana.  It was first recorded as a species by Louisville botanist Dr. Charles Wilkins Short (1794-1863) in 1840 growing on Rock Island at the Falls of the Ohio.  Talk about a plant with some local history!  Another tidbit for the history and botany geeks in the audience is that Dr. Short rests at Cave Hill Cemetery here in Louisville.

Height: 2.5-3 ft

KY Native?

Zone: 6-9

Light Requirement: Full Sun

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