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Aralia spinosa (Devil's Walking Stick)

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Most people are going to question why in the world you would put this in your garden but don't mind them.  They will be jealous when they see the giant flower clusters in summer that are loved by pollinators that are followed by giant clusters of tiny black fruit.  Boasting the largest leaves of any tree in North America, the bi-pinnately compound leaves are covered in tiny leaflets that provide excellent texture.  It will colonize over the years and reach heights up 15' or more so planting it on the outskirts of the garden or in the back of large perennial border will be important.  It also has thorns up and down the trunk which give it another common name, Hercules's club.

Height: 10-15 ft

KY Native?

Zone: 5-9

Light Requirement: Full Sun to Part Shade

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