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Dodecatheon meadia (Shooting Star)

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You may have learned this plant as Dodecatheon meadia.  After looking at this plant closer and comparing it to others the taxonomists have grouped it in with Primula.  Anyway, no matter the name this is a cool plant!  Large basal leaves emerge in late March or early April and bloom during May. The umbel of flowers stand about 12"above foliage and each flowers hangs downward but the white to pink petal face straight giving the resemblance to a shooting star!  These plants are fairly prolific if you cross the Ohio River and hike in Clifty Falls State Park in Madison, Indiana.  They cling to the limestone cliffs above the trails.  Our ample spring rains give these plants plenty of moisture to flourish during their spring growing season before they go dormant during the hot and dry periods of summer.

Height: 1 ft

KY Native?

Zone: 4-8

Light Requirement: Part Shade to Part Sun

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